Apple iPhone Repairs

New Screens and Batteries

Servicing Orange County

Support for Apple iPhone all throughout Orange County.

We only use original parts for the highest quality repairs to make sure your phone last.

Our current services include: New batteries, cameras, buttons, and screens. We offer a variety of screen colors. However these are not OEM.

New Batteries

Poor Battery Life? Replace it now for $25


Color Screens

All models except for the 6 and 6 plus have color screen options. Click below for pricing and availability.

Check Here

Inteltek Industries Business Class Server

A server for business that means business. With a minimum of 3 Terabytes of SAS Storage, a SSD for your Windows Server 2012, and 16 cores of Intel Processing Power . Make your server do what you need.

IntelTek Industries Basic Starter Server

With the power of Intel Xeon Processors and 16gb of RAM start your server off with a good base. Completely scalable for your needs from hosting game servers to websites, here is where you start.

Elite Class Computer

The constantly evolving computer...built using only the finest of parts and materials this is the system for those who want to soar above the competition. Curious about its current configuration? Contact us about purchases and for other information regarding Elite Class Computers for more information...