The Vision

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

IntelTek Industries is a research and development firm.
Our goal is to improve the best.

Founded in 2009 we started with computer repairs and diagnostics. While today that is still our primary service we have looked into expanding technology. How can we help you?

The Details

Products and Services we offer

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From Social media to Search engine visability we can help. Contact us for more info on how we can help you stay connected.

Tech recycling

Have outdated technology? We recycle...Help your pocket and the enviorment check out our recycling page for more information.


Need your logo formatted? How about a whole new design or size? We got you covered. Contact us for more information at our tech desk.

Custom Computers

Get the edge in whatever you do with the highest quality computers made to order and need. Why pay for things you don't need?

Computer repairs

From viruses to water damage we can fix it. Let us know what ails your tech at our tech desk for help.

Quality assured

Double checked, but if something goes wrong, a real person is there to help you.

Prototypes in Progress

Elite Class Computers

Don't settle for less when the best is available. The elite class is built for everthing from business networking to hard core gaming.


Using the newest technology to prevent unauthorizaed firearm use the IBRLS can store up to 20 plam prints and will only work for authorized users.

Kevlar Technology

Using the latest technology we are in the process of developing a new generation of super strong materials out of a kevlar compound.